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Address  Unresolved  Feelings, Beliefs and Unwanted Thoughts

Therapy Session
Couples Therapy
Child Therapy
Family Therapy

Individual Counseling 

Couples Counseling

Children's Counseling 

Family Counseling 

First Step:  Building Trust

Instead of jumping right into a therapeutic relationship with me. Is important to see if we are the right fit for each other.


So, what I suggest is that you schedule a FREE 20-30 minute consultation, during which I will obtain a general idea of what you need help with, and you will also get to ask me questions about how I work, my approach, experience and process. 

Second Step: Starting Counseling

At this point, if we are ready to work with each other, then we will schedule your first session.  You can schedule a face to face session at my Concord office or a video session from the comfort of your home.  

To schedule a face to face please call me  or email me at: 347-704-0817 or

To schedule a video session please send me an email at

 I will send you an e-mail link from Simple Practice, inviting you to register at their website. Simple Practice is the platform I use for conducting video sessions, this portal is HIPPA compliant and ensures your information is safe. Then through the user profile (that you create), I will have you fill out the intake forms , consent for treatment forms, and schedule the first appointment. 

Payment Options 

Multiple Medical Insurances Accepted, including Medicaid (Cardinal Innovations), BCBS, and Tricare.


Self pay clients can use Credit Cards on the day of the appointment or pay online via Pay Pal.

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